Why Promotional Products Matter

While some promotional products may seem outdated, the industry as a whole could not be more relevant. Many people outside the industry do not take these items seriously due to a lack of understanding how and why they work. For starters, promotional products are not just sticky notes and mouse pads anymore. While those types of items have their use and are still top sellers, the industry has advanced. Promotional products are now made to be everyday items – products that you want to use. This new aim in the promotional products industry has not only created cool new products, but also has proven itself to be effective. Promotional products matter for many reasons, here are some of the best:

1.  Promotional products have high recall and increase brand awareness.

  • 88% of people recall the company and brand on their promotional products

2.  Promotional products have a positive impact on attitudes and behavior. Their use has a strong correlation with customer acquisition and retention.

  • 85% of people did business with an advertiser as the result of receiving an item
  • 59% have a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a product
  • 83% of American consumers surveyed like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message
  • 48% would like to receive promotional products more often

3.  Promotional products are used in consumers’ daily life.

  • 8 out of 10 people own between 1 to 10 promotional products
  • 53% use a promotional item at least once a week
  • 1 out of 4 walk around with promotional products on or with them
  • 81% keep products because they’re useful*

As the numbers show, promotional products are still a useful part of any integrated and well-rounded advertising/marketing campaign. Whether you are a tech-startup or fortune 500 company, without a planned advertising strategy no one will know who you are. It seems evident, from the figures provided, that any thought-out plan will include some promotional products. As we all know, promotional products allow people to see your brand. The more people see your brand, know your brand, and recognize your brand – the better your brand with preform.



*Statistics from PPAI

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