Promotional Products for Kids – Check out our top 10 Ideas

Promotional Products for Kids – Check out our top 10 Ideas

Summer and Fall, there are often county fairs, community events, music festivals, fund raising runs and walks and parades in your vicinity. What better way is there to gain visibility for your business or organization than to have giveaways for children that come by your table, tent or booth (see here how to organize and run a booth) with their families? These promotional items will gain immediate favor with the kids and be a favorite of theirs that day and many days to come. Keep in mind; these promotional products need to be fun, cool and somewhat useful to create the “WOW” factor with the kids. Allsorts can help you find the perfect kid promotional products and at the best price.

Check out this video with our TOP 10 Promotional Products for Kids:


Here we listed the top 10 promotional products (click on them to see what we’re talking about):

  1. kids sunglasses
  2. coloring books
  3. themed rubber ducks
  4. piggy banks
  5. temporary tattoos
  6. soap bubbles
  7. kites
  8. jumbo chalk
  9. water guns
  10. pails

Here’s a few extra items we didn’t want you to miss:


ps – we used Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video to create this article’s featured image and video listing the top 10 promotional items for kids

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