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Inexpensive Water Bottles

“Silly Rabbit…Trix Are For Kids” was a TV commercial from the 70’s but the phrase came to mind when thinking about inexpensive customized water bottles. The phrase Trix Are for Kids is pretty much how I feel about cheap water bottles…they are for kids!!! Any

Fear Of The Dark!

Fear Of The Dark! We all have at some point been afraid of the dark, whether as children or as adults. Maybe it isn’t the dark so much as our uneasiness of not knowing what was out there we couldn’t see or the frustration of

Dude, do you remember that awesome party?

Parties are the BEST! They help make life fun! Unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t memorable and what’s life without memories? If you’re planning a party or an event, you will want to make it memorable for your guests. Music, entertainment, food, guests, etc, all make your

Allsorts In Action

The Allsorts Promotional Products Blog is excited to showcase our newest feature: Allsorts In Action. Have you been curious about how people have been using their promotional products? Well here is your chance. Allsorts In Action highlights how our customers have been using their products.

What’s A Slap Koozie???

Slap Koozies Promotional Product with a FULL COLOR IMPRINT really POP! Leave everyone at your next event marveling over how great your logo looks on one of these koozies and you did it inexpensively! Just like the iconic 80s slap bracelet, these koozies simply slap

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes upon us, it is time to show your support. Make your Breast Cancer Awareness event stand out this October with one of these five great promotional products. Every event will be giving out some sort of pink promotional product

Back to School Promotional Products

Back to school promotional products are a great idea for any institution from colleges to elementary schools. As school start up again we look to our institutions for guidance. I remember when I moved into my dorm for my first year of college. I was

Promotional Products – Back To The Basics!

There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products that can used to improve your visibility in the marketplace. The prices range from 15 cents to 15 dollars, but more money does not always mean a better product. The determining factor is whether the recipient values

Why Promotional Products Matter

While some promotional products may seem outdated, the industry as a whole could not be more relevant. Many people outside the industry do not take these items seriously due to a lack of understanding how and why they work. For starters, promotional products are not