Back to School Promotional Products

Back to school promotional products are a great idea for any institution from colleges to elementary schools.

As school start up again we look to our institutions for guidance. I remember when I moved into my dorm for my first year of college. I was given a draw string back pack with a stack of pamphlets, a lanyard to attach my student ID to, and a host of magnets for local companies – pizza delivery services shaped like a slice, airport taxi services that look like a yellow cab, the best beach shacks in the form of a little house or a palm tree. I stuck all of those magnets on my fridge. I may have not used all of those services everyday, but whenever I was heading home I did use the shuttle service and most definitely ordered my fair share of late night pizza. I kept the bag and used it for the rest of the year. The lanyard I kept with me everyday so I could swipe my ID to get into the cafeteria. All of these simple products have a major impact on their recipients. I know they did on me.

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Back to school promotional products - Custom Magnets

Custom Lanyards - Back to school promotional products

Draw String Bags - Back to school promotional products


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