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The Allsorts Promotional Products Blog is excited to showcase our newest feature: Allsorts In Action. Have you been curious about how people have been using their promotional products? Well here is your chance. Allsorts In Action highlights how our customers have been using their products. Get some ideas, give some feedback and see what’s what in the promotional products world.

This is a constantly evolving post. We wanted a chance to share how promotional products can be be used. Many people just think of trinkets when thinking about promo items, but this does not need to be the case. So to help dispel of this issues we have been collecting actual photos of Allsorts Promotional Products in action. As our customers share photos with us, we will share them with you. Send us your photos of how you have been using your promotional products and we will add them.

Oliver & Otis: Three Texas chicks, with a deep love for fashion and design, trying to bring home the bacon! They absolutely love what they do and will do anything, well almost anything, to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible. They asked for these koozies to giveaway with orders and in contests.

Promotional products in action Promotional products in action







University of Virginia – Student Actives: These buttons and straw floor mats were given away at a first year student event

Promotional products in action Promotional products in action







Plan-It Now: These branded trunk organizers were given away at a grand opening that Plan-It Now hosted

Promotional products in action






If you want to see more photos of our promotional products in action, send us your photos. If you would like to look at our full product catalog for a product that suits your brand you can find it here:

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